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Decibells Software has set out to reduce friction from inefficient business processes and create valuable collaborative relationships for our customers. Decibells continues to focus itself on helping its customers to derive maximum value from their existing businesses.

In today's e-age, small and large corporates are facing critical challenges to keep up with the pace of evolving technologies and environments. The two most challenging factors are "TIME-TO-MARKET" products and services and the identification of the "RIGHT" technologies in an ever-changing cob-wired web space.

Decibells focuses on tapping in-depth expertise in web technologies. The Web Interactive Architects and Designers in Web work closely with the Strategic Business Units on projects for global clients. Web team brings in the best practices to be deployed in various engagements.

Decibells applications are built around the best industry practices, robust, scalable, easy to implement and very cost effective. The applications can be integrated with your existing software's and databases.


Offshore development

Decibells offshore development center is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, superior backup systems, dedicated leased lines, well structured methodologies, documented coding standards, and established, proven processes for large scale, complex software development and systems integration. Professionals also who work in these centers are top graduates from most prestigious universities, and colleges, with number of years of experience in various industries. We therefore offer the best of all countries at lower costs & highest quality.

Why offshore development:

  • Offshore development center offers the following advantages;
  • High degree of cost efficiency
  • Flexibility in development team
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 24 hour production cycle & Accelerate project delivery schedule
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Risk Reduction

From various studies the following are recommended for systems evolution:

  • Understand the goals and resources of the enterprise with respect to a system evolution project.
  • Understand the legacy system at a high level of abstraction using system understanding technology, paying particular attention to interfaces and abstractions. Find
    the encapsulatable components of the legacy system on which to build.
  • Consider middleware and wrapping technologies for encapsulating subsystems and creating distributed objects. Apply those technologies in accordance with the framework.


  1. New application development
  2. Testing Services
  3. Migration of legacy systems
  4. Object oriented development
  5. Porting & Migration of databases
  6. Web based development
Business Consulting

Providian is a specialized CRM consulting firm and a market leader in CRM with over 12 + years of experience, 300 + Clients in over 5 continents, Implemented over 5,000 Licenses, Experience in over 30 + Verticals, Executed over 1,000 Man Months of CRM projects and Trained over 10,000 CRM users.

Over the many years of expertise Providian has created a CRM success strategy that is extended to all our clients ensuring greater and faster success and return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Providian serves some of the largest global corporates and advises them to make their customer engagement processes more effective.

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Germi Clean

GERMICLEAN brings the state-of-art cleaning and sanitizing system to India. With a large part of the population experiencing allergies, general air quality falling and no industry standard existing for room or bedding sanitization, GERMICLEAN has accepted the challenge of improving the lifestyle of the population by educating the public about the benefits of mattress and carpet sanitization.

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