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Advisory Services

All companies are driving towards one goal: maximizing profits. Regardless of size or scale, they must juggle competing priorities like maintaining current products, investing in next-generation products, and navigating changing fiscal environments to reach this goal. However, each of these demands can spread a firm’s resources thin, resulting in delayed timelines, less effective processes, lower quality products and uncertain profits.

Decibells provides opportunity based advisory services to its clients. It helps identify key opportunities in the relevant sector and present them to its clients in a investable format. We execute background due diligence to ensure that the opportunity is worthy for our clients to participate in.

Venture Capital

ThirdEye Partners focuses on seeding & funding new ideas and ventures. We take new and exciting ideas from the conception level, co promote them and with our experienced team convert them into successful businesses. Our experienced team brings in depth experience in many verticals which help mentor the ventures and we also leverages our contacts built over decades to make them successful. We guide the start-up and the promoter to put the venture in a structured business model, help nurture the business plan, present the venture in a manner which is suitable for the investment companies such as Angel & Venture Capitalist. On the other hand we also qualify the investors to ensure that they meet not only the investment objectives of the venture but are also strategic investors. This is done by leveraging our contacts and industry experience.

We also act as partner with international investor to take care of their investment in Indian companies ThirdEye as a company and its promoters have been involved in launching number of successful ventures. These ventures have been based on and leveraging IT and Technology for various applications. The promoters have several times undertaken the concept/Idea, developed and made successful business out of them.

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